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What??... Mike Reed a photographer!!!

It is hard for friends and colleges to understand Mike Reed in any way

other than what he did day in day out … and nights too.

He has been film editing for 42 years, yet photography has always

afforded him his only private creative outlet for all those years.

Photography was portable, instantaneous and satisfying in his short

breaks from the screaming schedules (editing and running the business

was soaking up his concentration 60-100 hours a week).

His camera was always there as he roamed his backyard and afar, eyes

alert for something that would catch his attention.

He's always been a hoarder, all things rusty, crusty and novel.

Photography is a further collection of moments. Quirky and delicious.

Editing trained his eye to detail, decision and dialogue. Culture, creativity

and cooking are also amongst his other pursuits.

So now retired from the maddening advertising affray, he is

armed with his cameras and visual diary passionately pursuing his

love of the world around him.