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textured environment


from Latin textūra, from textus, past participle of texere, to weave.

Roland Barthes stated 'I cannot penetrate, cannot reach into the photograph.

I can only sweep it with my glance, like a smooth glance'.

Everything that has a surface has texture.

The 2D photograph texture has visual and illusion.

3D texture gives you the tactile surface

With analogue photography, silver chloride grains provided a texture for

elements, random or precise. Today the digital print is ink on a receptive

surface, flat 2D, no height or depth only length and width. Dots per inch,

again portraying this assemblage of random or precise patterns

or chaos of visual texture

Mike Reed explored “texture” utilizing the actual weaving of duplicate

photographs,cut precisely into strips, interlaced at right angles. Thus the

photograph will have its own integral texture of light and shadow.

Mike Reed


warp and weft