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This series of photographs have been collected from many parts of the world.

I saw these lifeless earthly vechicles wrapped in plastic and canvas coverings as a kind of simple burial garment in

readiness for a resurrection or disposal thereafter to a scrap yard.

The resurrection of the dead is a fundamental and central doctrine of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Many religious

critics have charged that even Christ’s resurrection was borrowed from the accounts of Osiris ,the most well known deity

in all of ancient Egyptian history. As a life-death-rebirth deity, Horus/Osiris became a reflection of the annual cycle of crop

harvesting as well as reflecting people's desires for a successful afterlife. The Masons, Illuminati, Priory De Sion,

clandestine government groups, and others believe that on December 22, 2012 Osiris will be resurrected.

In Jewish religious traditions Tachrichims (burial shrouds) are traditional simple white burial garments, usually made from

100% pure linen, in which Jews are dressed by the Chevra Kadisha for burial after undergoing a taharah (purification

ceremony).Tachrichim means in Hebrew to enwrap, bind. It comes from the verse in Megilas Ester (Chapter 8; verse 15)"

And Mordechai went out from the presence of the king in royal apparel of blue and white, and with a great crown of gold,

and with a -wrap- of fine linen and purple: and the city of Shushan rejoiced and was glad. The Jews had light and

gladness, and joy and honor."